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Team Name:

Marianne and the Bois

Team Members:

• Marianne Delgado
• Jacques Lee II
• Hailey Robinson
• Helium Yang
• Mason Young


One of the things about eLC and many communication platforms for students is that they're often poorly designed, bulky, and inefficient. Other issues include a lack of informal / casual communication that is comfortable and convenient. For our term project, we wanted to create a better communication system for eLC. eLc does not do a good job with its signifiers or ease of access, making it a frustrating experience to instant message classmates about course-related conversation. For instance, its signifiers are confusing -- the speech bubble icon brings the user to discussions instead of a messaging menu or a way to the messaging system. The messaging system is also hidden under multiple menus that are not intuitively organized, making it difficult to access. The messaging system itself is also incredibly lackluster, so students refer to third-party applications for several reasons. We wish to try and develop a way to combine all the good and relevant things about the third-party applications directly into eLC to make it easy for ALL students to access a communication system.